We are all to source a variety of different types of reclaimed flooring for your home. This includes Victorian pine, English and French oak, parquet and maple strip. People choose reclaimed flooring due to its character and patina created from years of foot tracking flooring; it is also less prone to splitting and cracking. Reclaimed flooring is also more beneficial to the environment as it has been reused and taken from another source, which is why we set out to provide as many reclaimed materials as possible.

Our wood flooring comes in different thickness’, widths and lengths so you’re able to get a perfect size. We offer different types too such as softwood and hardwood. Our team can help you choose the right wooden flooring from our yard in Stoke with their experience and expertise in timber. At Jim Wise Reclamation we ensure that our customers have a wide variety of reclaimed flooring to choose from as one size and colour does not fit all.