Oak mantels traditionally are used for structural purposes in old houses, however, log burners seem to be the fashion in many homes, rather than cast or open fireplaces. Oak mantel pieces are used as lintels above log burners and can create a beautiful room feature that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The presence of an oak mantel can change the entire look of your living room or wherever you intend to put it and can provide a great area to place sentimental items on.

At Jim Wise Reclamation, we offer services of cleaning old pieces of oak to transform them into a ready-made mantle. We have a custom-made showroom with a variety of mantels that are full of character. We all ensure that they have been treated for infestation and have been waxed so that they’re ready to pick up and fit straight above or around your fireplace. Our oak mantels have been altered accordingly so they will be perfect for your mantel place, so all you need to do is pick it up!