All of our oak beams are salvaged from English barns and houses. We only save the best oak beams that are found so that you’re guaranteed to get a quality product. Many of our beams are used either structurally in roofs or cosmetically above fireplaces for which we offer a service to clean and finish to your taste. At Jim Wise, our main focus is customer satisfaction and so our team will always be happy to assist you in choosing the correct timber product.

Each beam is priced individually by its cubic foot, so you know what you’re getting for your money. We also have all shapes and sizes available stored inside our large “shed” for you to browse at your leisure. Our oak beams are ready to buy at your convenience and we can also take requests in; we will do our best to source the materials for you. You can also visit our yard and see our oak beams in person before ordering; Our reclamation yard is always open. As a reclamation yard we ensure all of the timber is at its best, we have total control so that only the best materials are available.