Reclaimed clay roof tiles consist of two types, handmade and machine made tiles. Handmade tiles are noticeable from their hand pressed nibs and authentic look; they are predominately found in old farmhouses, estate houses and large mills. The wide variety of placements that our tiles are sourced from means that it is very likely we have the perfect tiles for you, from Reclaimed Quarry Tiles to Handmade Brindle Tiles, Silverdale Tiles to Keele Tiles and much much more!

At Jim Wise Reclamation we carry a stock of 1,000,000 tiles at one time from old clay tiles to more modern concrete roof tiles. We have a wide range of fittings to match and all our tiles are stripped, selected and stacked by either our sister company Jim Wise Demolition Ltd or our experienced trusted local roof men. This ensures that the produce comes from a regulated yard that we visit regularly ourselves so only the best quality tiles are sold.

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