Wall copings are commonly made from either clay, sandstone or concrete and are made in all kinds of shapes and sizes. The choice of which coping material to use will depend on the look and finish you desire for the wall involved. They are used to protect a wall from water penetrating the bricks and expanding in a frost shelling on the face of the bricks. They can provide a nice subtle finish to any wall and will add that extra layer that it needs. There are some practical differences in wall copings but many of the properties included impact resistance, heat resistance and water resistance.

We always carry a large stock of coping so that our stock is always available. We sort all the copings into their different types, as well as their many different pitches, colours and sizes. The variety of coping stock we have means that At Jim Wise Reclamation the organisation of our materials is vital, so that our yard can be searched through easily and that the correct product can be obtained from the customer as soon as possible.