Long before bricks, sandstone was used to construct buildings and dividing walls, it was quarried from over one thousand different sites across the United Kingdom. Each block was crafted by hand using chisels and hammers to manipulate the stone into square building blocks. Convention machines are used in the modern era, however, they are unable to capture the character of a traditional block. Stone offers a great finish and is very affordable so may be the perfect option if you’re looking for good quality stone for building works.

We mainly source and sell local stone typical to the neighbouring areas such as Cheshire red sandstone and Macclesfield stone, however, we do come across and can source a vast range of different types and colours of stone that may be fitting for your area. At Jim Wise Reclamation we ensure that there are a variety contacts within our reach so that all stone can be sourced from the best places as soon as possible. We provide top services for stonewalling in Stoke and surrounding areas so you can feel assured in your purchase from a reputable reclamation company.