One of our most popular items is reclaimed quarry tiles. Each tile is cleaned and checked for chips and breakages before entering the stock. We stock all different sizes and mainly in the colours of blue, black and red. We are also able to supply any quantity whether it is just to replace a broken tile at your home or to create a charming fire hearth and even to supply a full kitchen floor. At Jim Wise Reclamation our produce is fit for all purposes and uses due to its durability and varied nature.

Quarry tiles have been used for many years in a range of settings such as commercial and domestic. Though often used outside the home such as in roofing structures, more recently it has become more popular to use them for bathrooms and kitchens. They offer a less slippery and stronger complexion so will be a great option for tiling the interior of your house as any moisture is less likely to impact tiles and make them slippery and dangerous to walk over.