Our reclaimed paving bricks are perfect for any pavement or works. At Jim Wise, our pavers are available in a range of designs, colours and sizes to suit your requirements. Creating a pavement can be a tricky feat if you’re unsure of how you want it to look. Our experienced team is ready and waiting to advise and help you on making a decision as to which Pavers would be most suitable.

As a reclamation yard, all of our pavers are sourced from older structures and so they have been used. Often this makes them a better choice over new pavers as they have endured a range of environments and so the material has already adapted to adverse conditions. It is also better for the environment to purchase reclaimed bricks as the less material is being sent to landfill sites. At Jim Wise, we aim to encourage the re-usage of all building materials in order to preserve the environment we live in.