Original cast fireplaces are becoming harder to source, especially with all the original fittings. However, we do have a large range of fireplaces which are typically from the Georgian era to 1940s style. Due to the old and retro atmosphere, these fireplaces create they are still popular to buy within the general public but due to the scarce quantity, many have given up looking. Fireplaces are still incredibly useful and can save you money on heating in the winter with proper care and usage, so it is definitely a good idea to consider a reclaimed fireplace from Jim Wise.

At Jim Wise Reclamation we stock several types of reclaimed fireplaces which all vary in size and colour. We tend to have the fireplaces stripped ready to be blackened or painted so they can take pride of place in your living room or bedroom. They may have been sourced from a demolished building or found on one of the sites our demolition team has worked on, so they have all been checked and altered to a high standard by us.