At Jim Wise, we have a large selection of chimney pots in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. They are all checked to make sure that they are suitable to be reused on a chimney, though many of them are now sold for planters and garden ornaments. Therefore, we stock a wide range of chimney pots as we know the demand for differing purposes is more popular now. The unique styles that we offer for chimney pots make for interesting decor in the garden area if you’re looking for distinctive ornaments, or if you just want a more vibrant piece for your chimney.

A lot of the reclaimed chimney pots were based on chess pieces, therefore making it easy to describe exactly which pot you are looking for. The diversity of our chimney pots is extremely vast and so you will always get an extensive range with Jim Wise Reclamation. Our chimney pots are sourced from a variety of different people, which includes our sister company Jim Wise Demolition, so you can be assured it has come from an experienced place.